Empowering People, Launching lives

Our impact

We are working to positively change the lives of autistic people, their families and the communities in which they live.

In September 2020 we launched a 5-year strategy outlining our aspirations for societal change across five key areas. We’re excited to share our 2021/22 impact report which outlines the progress we’ve made towards these objectives in year two of our strategy.

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Some of our 2021/22 highlights*


Screenshots from employability toolkit

Our Fast Responder pilot, tackling school placement breakdown, helped 96% of students supported to remain in their local setting Tram House School was awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools, highlighting our commitment to pupil, parent and staff wellbeing Since launching in September 2021, our award-winning employability toolkit has been accessed by over 500 individuals and employers


Our new webinar series, discussing topics about autism, for parents and professionals has over 900 views 71 families have attended our Early Years’ sessions focussed on family resilience with topics chosen by parents We developed an Autism Services Directory helping families find the support they need in their local area


*all figures accurate as of August 2022


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