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Our expert team can provide specialist support, tailored to your provision, to help overcome the barriers that result in exclusions. 

We believe that a specialist education can transform the lives of autistic children and young adults. Autism is lifelong, and we know early intervention and the right support have a lasting impact. That’s why we have developed a range of outreach, training and consultancy services which utilise the knowledge and expertise of our highly skilled staff to deliver life changing outcomes for autistic children and young adults in other services and at home. Our approach is person-centred and tailored to meet individual needs. David Anthony - Head of Post 19

With increasing pressure on schools to achieve outstanding results, and for Local Authorities to deliver against budgets, it is not surprising that many schools are faced with significant challenges in supporting learners to achieve their desired outcomes and successfully transition to the next stage in their education.

To find out how our Outreach service might be able to help further, please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have.

David Anthony
Head of Research & Learning

“The Outreach service was of excellent standard. We couldn’t have asked for a better staff member to support us. He made such a difference with the services that he was working in.”

Outreach service user

Children with Special Educational Needs are 4.5 times more likely to be excluded for a fixed period or permanently than pupils with no special educational needs.¹ BeyondAutism’s Outreach service has the experience and expertise to support Local Authorities, schools, families and pupils in overcoming the barriers that result in exclusions.


Our Outreach Team can provide:

  • Group INSET training on autism and behaviour analysis
  • Specific 1:1 support for a staff member or team working with a learner
  • Support on behaviour, including creating individual behaviour plans
  • Support for the wider team around the child, including parents/carers


Our support is suitable for:

  • Local Authorities (Special Schools and Mainstream settings)
  • Nurseries
  • Maintained Schools and Academies
  • Independent Schools
  • Colleges and Further Education settings


All outreach provided is completely bespoke to the individual setting. The list above shows just a few ways in which we can support, to find out how we can help you and your learners, get in touch on or 020 3031 9705.

Our approach

The Outreach service is bespoke to each individual learner or environment and our processes for providing support adapt to this. Our step-by-step process ensures we are the right service to respond to the need, and then works methodologically through an assessment process. This then informs our response. Our impact is continuously tracked and reviewed, ensuring rapid progress is achieved.

Download our referral process document or see an outline of the steps below.

Step 1: referral


  • A referral is made from a school or local authority.

Triage (week 1)

  • A pre-assessment triage is completed to establish if the Outreach service is appropriate. Consent is confirmed.


Step 2: assessment

Indirect (week 2)

  • In-direct assessments take place, including meeting with members from the network and review of relevant documentation.

Direct (week 2-3)

  • Direct assessments take place with the learner, normally within the learning environment. These include observational tools.


Step 3: proposal

Recommendations (week 3)

  • The information gained from the assessment is presented within a recommendations report and proposed response. This includes support that BeyondAutism can provide.

Contracting (week 3-4)

  • An agreement is formed to establish the way of working, frequency and duration of visits as well as fees associated with the support.


Step 4: delivery

Implementation and review (once agreements are confirmed)

  • Implementation of the person-centred approaches is completed with the network building ongoing review points.

End review

  • Following the recommended exit plan, the package of intervention and support is reviewed, with clear next steps identified


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