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Delivering impact through interdisciplinary practice underpinned by Behaviour Analysis

We’re incredibly proud of the work we do with children and young adults in our services. Everything we do is focused around the idea of ‘just enough support’ – providing all of our learners with the skills and confidence they need to progress to adulthood.

Partnerships, alongside interdisciplinary working, are a key part of everything we do – we believe in working collaboratively with others, sharing best practice alongside ideas that haven’t worked, to ensure we are all doing our best to deliver excellence for the children and young adults we work with.

Since 2018, BeyondAutism staff have been compiling a bank of real-world examples of learner progress, with the anticipated learning that comes alongside, and are developing these into case articles that we hope will provide inspiration for you. Click the links below to read some of our case studies from the academic year 2021/22.

Case studies
A child with autism tolerating sitting in group lessons ​  Tram House 4 
A study to investigate whether differential reinforcement of incompatible behaviour and extinction burst reduces self injurious behaviour Marta Enemor, Brittany Farnan, Yu Jin Kim​ 
Behaviour change​ Sofia Zaccagnino 
Differential reinforcement of other behaviours with a ​
token economy to reduce disruptive behaviours in a pupil with autism
Rachael Hlomador, Nicola Stanley and Imogen Lee​ 
Exploring the application of PECS board in the teaching of communication skills to an autistic learner Tram House 1 
Increasing the tolerance of wearing headphones to engage environments which are considered to be aversive​ Tram House 5 
The benefits of work experience
T Ball, F Brady, M Clark Turner, W Clementson, P Duncan, M Fernandes, J Hargreaves, ​
S Rowe-Briggs, M B Suarez Lucero​
Transition to South Thames College
R. Akam – Sheikh, J. Hargreaves, R. Hodgson, H. Kinani – Alaoui, A. Palka and A. Salik​ 


Read case studies from previous academic years below:

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