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We receive regular requests to be a part of research, or to share new research studies with our stakeholders. This includes organisations such as leading universities in the fields of psychology and ABA, as well as individuals seeking to improve the understanding of autism, and the work we can do to support people with autism. We are keen to support any requests that help this, once reviewed by our Ethics Committee to ensure they meet the moral standards and values of our organisation.

To take a look at some of the projects we have recently shared visit our archive page.

How has lockdown impacted on the wellbeing and behaviour of children with autism?

This research project aims to explore the impact that the recent Coronavirus lockdown has had on the wellbeing and behaviour of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This research will interview parents of children diagnosed with ASD. By utilising Brownhills Ice Cream Cone Model (2017) three further lines of enquiry will inform the interview structure and research questions:

  1. Has lockdown caused changes to the child’s routine?
  2. Have there been any changes to the child’s wellbeing, or level of anxiety?
  3. Has there been an increase / increase in severity of challenging behaviour during this time?

If you would like to participate in this research please get in touch with Jennifer Chetwood.

Researcher: Jennifer Chetwood, Bristol University,
Supervisor: Dr Ellie Wilson,

Deadline: 30th September 2020

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