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UK-SBA accreditation update

16th January 2023

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The UK Society for Behaviour Analysts (UK-SBA) has announced that the UK-SBA register of Behaviour Analysts has been accredited under the Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA) Accredited Registers Programme.

“This is a major moment for Behaviour Analysis in the UK. Whilst Behaviour Analysts go through rigorous training and are beholden to the standards in which they work, until now the profession itself has not been regulated in the UK. The regulation will apply to all those working in Health, Social Care and Education.

PSA regulation will give UK consumers confidence in knowing that not only are Behaviour Analysts registered with the UK-SBA, but also that they are accountable to the highest possible standards for safety, safeguarding and quality assurance.” Andy Swartfigure, Director of Research and New Business.

For more information about the changes visit the UK-SBA website.

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