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Promoting learner voice with the BSA

10th March 2022

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Towards the end of 2021 the British Science Association (BSA) approached us to support them with making some of their content more accessible. They wanted to create an SEN-friendly feedback form to ensure everyone taking part in British Science Week can offer their views.

Our Therapy Team worked closely with the BSA to create a version of their current forms which are more inclusive for children with learning difficulties. Initially we stripped the form back so that the language was easier to understand. We also looked to increase the number of symbols next to words to help comprehension. Linked to this, the symbols we used share the same colours as Zones of Regulation. This is to maintain consistency with other methods learners may be using to talk about their feelings. The results are a much clearer form, with simpler language and improved visuals, helping children make their own selections.

“British Science Week is all about showing that science is for everyone, from all backgrounds and of all abilities. This is why we were thrilled to work with BeyondAutism to ensure that we have Kick Start Grant feedback forms that are accessible to children with learning difficulties. This means children with learning difficulties can make their voices heard about their experiences of British Science Week, and we can work to keep improving the support we offer.”

Jane Dowden, Education Innovations Manager at BSA.

In recent years, the BSA have provided our charity with Kick Start grants for science projects during British Science Week. These grants were used for the chick hatching project which our learners hugely enjoyed. Therefore, it has been a pleasure to work together on this project and offer our support in return. It’s fantastic to see an organisation like BSA prioritising inclusion in their communications so highly and thinking differently about support. We can’t wait to hear how everyone gets on with the form this week!

Tom Bailey, Head of Therapies for BeyondAutism, said:

“Knowing how organisations such as the BSA are taking the needs of children with communication difficulties into account is fantastic. Working together to guide the format of this form was a very valuable process, which will empower children to voice their enthusiasm for science.”



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