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Karen Sorab Awards 2021

28th July 2021

Pupil receiving his award

During the last week of term we took the time to celebrate the amazing work and progress that our learners and staff have achieved over the last year with the annual Karen Sorab Awards. In what has been another tricky year to negotiate, there has been no shortage of wonderful accomplishments.

This year there were four pupil winners alongside eight members of staff.

Pupil awards


At Park House School the award went to a pupil who has made outstanding progress across the year. He has made great improvements in his toileting, communication and play skills. His smile is infectious and the staff team love teaching him.


The winner from Upper School went to a learner who has worked so hard on her transitioning around school. She has also made great progress attending group lesson and going to the local park. The staff team have seen her mature immensely over the last year.

Sixth Form

The Sixth Form award went to a pupil who has made amazing progress with her confidence and independence. This culminated in a solo performance of ‘This is me’ in the winter production in December.


The Post-19 winner has found staying at the hub challenging during the pandemic. Despite this he has worked incredibly hard throughout the year to stay consistent with his learning and engagement. He has incredible creativity and always comes to the hub with a smile on his face.

Staff awards

The staff awards are given based on peoples’ contribution to one of our four values.

Dedicated to delivering excellence

  • Russell Irving (Post-19 ABA Supervisor)
  • Claire Mason (HR Advisor, Talent & Learning Officer).


  • Sofiyat Samuel (ABA Tutor)
  • Marta Rapp Wright (ABA Tutor)

Proud to challenge

  • Martin Kelly (Intern)
  • Nada Omar (Park House Receptionist)

Committed to ABA

  • Yu Jin Kim (Lead ABA Tutor)
  • Miranda Skeet (ABA Tutor)


Congratulations to all winners and for everyone who received a nomination.

Karen Sorab Award winners receiving their prizes

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