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James Wrenn’s London 2 Brighton Challenge!

1st June 2016

London to Brighton finisher

Huge congratulations to James Wrenn who last weekend took on the mammoth London 2 Brighton challenge to raise funds for BeyondAutism. The route was a demanding 100km (62miles) from Richmond to Brighton Race Course! Thanks to all those who have supported him – it’s not too late to show support for his phenomenal achievement. You can sponsor him here:

Here’s what James had to say about his challenge:

“I managed to complete the London 2 Brighton Challenge on Saturday. I can say that it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be!

I managed to keep most of my injuries at bay for the 30 miles or so, but luckily when they appeared they just slowed me down, rather than forcing me out or making me walk/hobble the rest of the distance.

Because I love my numbers, thought I’d pass on the key stats for the day:

Distance – 63.49 miles (102 kilometres)… I accidentally took a wrong turn at one point

  • Time – 15 hours 38 minutes
  • 1st Marathon – 4 hours 42 minutes
  • 2nd Marathon – 7 hours 27 minutes
  • Last 11.5 miles – 3 hours 29 minutes
  • Rank – 152 (out of 1639…top 10{fe6fad5dc2eafdba31e557eab768ce9bb0f25a2f729c6987bb928a8398355f96} wahooo!)
  • Total Ascent – 4,380 ft
  • Total Descent – 3,940 ft
  • Steps – 123,983
  • Calories burnt – 11,426
  • Bags of mini cheddars eaten – 7

My feet are in pieces still (can see more tape than foot when I look at them) and I ache in places that I didn’t even realize I had muscles. On top of that I currently have a top walking speed of 0.5 mph. Completely worth it though – I have managed to raise over £500 for a really worthwhile charity. Thanks for everyone’s support.


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