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Bullying in the workplace

15th November 2022

In this episode Martin and Alex speak to Emma Price, Head of Tram House School, and guest speaker Andrew Edwards. They discuss bullying in the workplace, why it is s… Read More

Behaviour Analysis in Action: PBSC

7th September 2022

In this podcast we talk to Jessica Aviles BCBA, Chief Clinical Officer at PBSC. Jessica identifies how PBSC go way beyond the task list and how having rock solid beh… Read More

What time is it? Time to teach

22nd April 2022

In this podcast Bobbie Stone (BCBA) and Andy Swartfigure (BCBA) explore the impact of teaching a student to tell the time, how it was approached and more importantly… Read More

Episode 5: Different types of jobs

20th August 2021

In this episode, Alex and Martin discuss the different types of jobs and how suitable they are for autistic people. They interview PJ, a paramedic from the USA, and … Read More

The importance of jobs

8th March 2021

In this episode, Alex and Martin discuss why having a job is so important for people with autism and learning difficulties. They also speak to a number of colleagues… Read More

Job applications

2nd March 2021

In this episode, Interns Alex and Martin, discuss the difficulties faced by people with autism and learning difficulties when applying for roles. Speaking with David… Read More

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18th June 2020

Andrew Swartfigure BCBA, Director of Services, talks with special guest speaker Dr Merrill Winston, Vice President and Director of Program Development at Professiona… Read More

Preparing for less intensive settings

19th December 2019

Andrew Swartfigure BCBA, Director of Services, with BeyondAutism, talks with Liz Burns, Behaviour Analyst at BeyondAutism and Michelle Frangos, Head of Pastoral at B… Read More

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