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Introduction to Behaviour Analysis: part 2

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Supporting autistic children and young adults  (2-19 years)

  • This online course provides a comprehensive introduction to Behaviour Analysis and its application to managing behaviours that challenge. It would benefit any professional working with autistic children and young adults and associated difficulties, including school staff, social workers, nurses and family support workers. It would also benefit parents seeking further knowledge prior to applying for a Behaviour Analysis setting, embarking on a home programme, or those wanting to reinforce their child’s education outside of school areas
  • The course will take around an hour to complete
  • If you have any questions about the course, please get in touch
  • You must have completed part 1 to take this course.


This course is split into four parts:

  • Part 1 covers a brief history of behaviour analysis, how behaviour is defined and the key concepts and terminology to understand the study of the science of human behaviour
  • Part 2 builds upon the theoretical framework established in part 1 and applies it to behaviours that challenge. Methods to analyse and record behaviour are detailed and strategies to reduce behaviours that challenge are explained
  • Part 3 examines behaviour that challenges as a form of communication. The course explores Verbal Behaviour and the importance of teaching communication through developing ‘mands’. It explains key themes of motivation, prompting and using effective reinforcement
  • Part 4 explores effective teaching strategies. Reinforcement, prompting and errorless teaching approaches are discussed in more detail. It also looks at specific strategies such as Pairing; Discrete Trial Teaching; and Natural Environment Teaching.


All Behaviour Analysis interventions are specifically tailored to the individual and would be put in place after careful observation and analysis. The strategies mentioned in this training are limited examples. The services of a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst or a professional registered with the UK-SBA should be sought if support is required for an individual in your care.

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