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11th May 2020

A guide for transitioning back to school With schools potentially being asked to phase pupils back to school from as early as June, take a look at some of our top… Read More

Sensory processing

30th March 2020

For those with sensory processing difficulties, sensory information is processed by the central nervous system and does not get organised into appropriate responses,… Read More


30th March 2020

Children with an EHCP are up to six times more likely to be excluded for a fixed period or permanently than pupils with no special educational needs [1]. There ar… Read More

Tribunals and appeals

30th March 2020

Why you may want to appeal a decision You can appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal if you disagree with a decision your Local Authority… Read More

Education, Health and Care Plans

30th March 2020

Plans are provided by the Local Authority and delivered by an individual service such as school or college. Reviews take place annually and are managed by an EHCP Co… Read More

Getting extra help at school

30th March 2020

Your child may be entitled to get access to Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support. SEN Support has four stages: Assess – Teachers or Special Educational Needs… Read More

Education choices

30th March 2020

Speak with the professionals that have worked with you and your child to date – nursery providers, teachers, educational psychologists or inclusion teams. You know y… Read More

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