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Eastcombe Primary School

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Eastcombe Primary School, Dr Crouchs Road, Eastcombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 7EA

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Eastcombe Primary School is a school with a vision of nurturing a firm foundation for adults of the future and small year groups ranging from 6 to 13. The school will teach and support pupils with SEND in the following ways: as per the plans outlined on their IEP, 1-1 and in small groups as appropriate, and TA support in each class (for children without an Education, Health and Social Care plan (EHC)); according to the needs outlined on the EHC, 1-1 and small group work as appropriate, and according to advice gained through liaison with outside agencies (for children with an EHC plan); planning the support and allocating resources and matching them to needs through a provision plan, looking at the needs of pupils in groups and classes as well as individuals, and through consideration of the expertise of the adults who support the SEN pupils; and money allocated in the budget for SEND will be used to pay for TA support in classes and additional resources where required. IEPs will include targets which will be reviewed termly and the IEP reviewed twice a year; through termly pupil progress meetings; IEPs will be shared with parents and, where appropriate, pupils.

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