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The Children’s Wellbeing Support Service provides much needed early intervention and support for parents of children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs which can present in a similar way to Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attachment Disorder, anxiety and poor emotional wellbeing. Families identified as having difficulties such as the above can be referred to the Wellbeing Support Service who will work with parents to identify needs and recommend onward support where appropriate. By providing early, targeted support through a child-centred approach, the service aims to: support parent(s) to enable children to self-manage and maintain good emotional wellbeing; reduce inappropriate diagnosis; support parent(s) to enable children to get the most from their education; promote a healthy home environment and improve family dynamics; promote inclusion in schools.

A dedicated team of experienced practitioners provide the following services and support for children living on the Island: support parents to evaluate their child’s needs, behaviour and emotional wellbeing; support for parents/carers, including help with developing a positive home/school relationship, as well as direct work with parents/carers; support families regarding crisis management and conflict resolution; support parents to learn strategies that work for them, so that they can enable their child to self-regulate their behaviour; support families to develop their strengths, emotional resilience and independence; support families to become better engaged with their child’s learning and enable them to access more of the curriculum.

As neurodevelopmental pathways continue to improve the service will become one of the first points of contact providing an early intervention service.

Access to the service can be made via referrals through the following health professionals: GPs; paediatricians; tier 2 and 3 CAMHS providers; NHS OT/SLT teams; School Nurses.

The service is aimed at children from Year R through to Year 6, regardless of their education status.

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